DAI#5 – AI sends nudes, saves the Amazon, and finds mutants

September 22, 2023

This week in AI news we heard that generative AI is just going through a phase. AI sends fake nudes and it may not be illegal.
And AI is better at things we thought we had covered.

Let’s dive in.

AI is good, but wait until you see what’s next

CEO of Inflection AI Mustafa Suleyman says that “generative AI is just a phase” and that we’ll soon be using fully interactive autonomous AI assistants. Apparently, we’ll soon be reminiscing, ‘Remember how we used to type prompts into ChatGPT back in the old days?’

OpenAI gave us another reason to sign up for ChatGPT Plus with a preview of DALL-E 3. The images are better, it now does text, and it’s a lot harder to get it to make sketchy pics.

As good as AI is getting, it’s still pretty horrible at being a journalist. MSN has been experimenting with AI-generated content and let’s just say it’s really bad at writing sports obituaries.

Please don’t send nudes

Spanish teens are being harassed and extorted with fake nude images of themselves. ClothOff charges €10 to ‘remove’ clothes from 25 photos. It’s sextortion, it’s horrible, and it may not actually be illegal.

YouTube isn’t doing the kids any favors either as channels are targeting children with AI-generated disinformation. Has your kid come up with a very convincing argument for why the earth is actually flat? You may want to check their YouTube history.

Clearly we need some form of AI regulation. Our deep dive into the evolution of AI regulation around the world reflects the diverse approaches different countries are taking.

It still feels like they’re writing legislation based on last year’s AI while next year’s tech will invalidate so much of it. With Rishi Sunak potentially banning Chinese officials from the AI Safety Summit hopes of a global consensus seem overly optimistic.

AI and the Amazon

Amazon’s Alexa has a new set of AI-driven features. Amazon’s proprietary LLM isn’t being released but it enables Alexa to do some really cool stuff.

If you’re going to ask Alexa to order a book for you then stick to ebooks. It takes roughly 1 million trees to provide the paper for Amazon’s annual printed book sales.

Fortunately, AI and machine learning are joining the fight to protect the Amazon region from deforestation and illegal land use. The article features a pic of the endangered Agouti. Real or AI fake, you decide.

A slow week for AI lawsuits

After a mad rush of lawyers trying to get in on the AI lawsuit action things seem to have quietened down this week. Some major US publishers did manage to file a lawsuit against ‘shadow library’ LibGen. Good luck actually finding the book pirates behind the website to serve them papers.

If you’re looking to write your own soon-to-be-pirated book then check out the AI writing assistant, Writer. They just secured $100 million in series B funding for enterprise AI. In a world of ‘do everything’ LLMs, Writer has trained its model to be really good at one thing; writing.

Konnichi what?

ChatGPT does support Japanese but it’s not very good apparently. Here’s why Japan has decided to build its own version of ChatGPT.

Maybe they should just wait until Google releases its suite of Gemini LLMs. The company has been talking its new LLMs up and positioning it as a serious challenger for OpenAI’s GPT models.

To be fair to ChatGPT, language aside, the Japanese are not an easy people to understand.


Anything you can do AI can do better

Think you’re pretty creative? A lateral thinker? OK, then give us a list of alternate uses for a paperclip. Now check out how AI fared against humans. You’re going to need to up your creativity game.

An interesting study found that AI can design cities better than humans. At least, it’s really good at the boring parts so humans can focus more on the human stuff.

AI models are also replacing actual human models. Want a diverse range of models to wear your clothes but don’t want to pay them, or put up with their ‘hotter than thou’ attitudes? No problem. AI-generated models look great!

AI can even outrace top-level human drone pilots, including a world champion. So AI is even taking over the fun things we enjoy doing.

Doctor AI is getting better too

One area we’re really happy to see AI getting better than us is in the healthcare space.

Oracle released a healthcare voice command AI Clinical Digital Assistant. Now healthcare professionals can look into the eyes of their patients rather than staring at a computer screen.

Wondering whether your eye issue is going to sort itself out or if you should see a doctor? Don’t bother Googling it, just ask ChatGPT. You’ll be surprised how it compares with trainee physicians in getting your diagnosis right. You may not want to ask Bing Chat though.

Apparently, every one of us has mutant genes. For the most part, they don’t do us any harm but some of them can absolutely wreck us. DeepMind’s AlphaMissense accelerates the hunt for disease-causing genes so researchers know where to aim their pharmaceutical efforts.

We were surprised how few of these gene mutations the people in labcoats have actually identified.

In other news…

Go on, click through to these other AI news stories. We did.

And that’s a wrap. Do you speak Japanese? Please let us know if ChatGPT’s Japanese responses are really that bad.

Has a friend of yours recently been asking you for full-length photos? Maybe first ask them if they’ve heard of ClothOff and watch their reaction.

And if you manage to wangle early access to DALL-E 3, we’d love to see some of your pics.

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