AI soccer
Apr 13

DeepMind train robot soccer players that kick, tackle, and defend

Researchers at Google’s DeepMind have achieved a milestone in robotics by successfully training 20-inch tall humanoid robots to play one-on-one soccer matches.  Their study, published in Science Robotics, details how they used deep reinforcement learning (RL) to teach the robots complex locomotion and gameplay skills. The commercially available Robotis OP3 robots learned to run, kick, block, get up from falls, and score goals – all without any manual programming. Instead, AI agents controlling the robots acquired these abilities through trial and error in simulated environments, guided by a reward system. Here’s how the robotic soccer system works: First, they trained…

Latest News

Apr 10

Intel and Google unveil new AI chips to compete with NVIDIA

The race for more powerful and efficient AI hardware surged ahead this week with Intel and Google announcing new chips to help them become less reliant on NVIDIA tech. It seems like every week new AI models are being released. Behind each release are weeks of training on cloud computing data centers, most of which are powered by NVIDIA GPUs.…
AI persuasion
Apr 09

Anthropic shows that Claude LLMs have become exceptionally persuasive

Anthropic research revealed that their latest AI model, Claude 3 Opus, can generate arguments as persuasive as those created by humans.  The research, led by Esin Durmus, explores the relationship between model scale and persuasiveness across different generations of Anthropic language models. It focused on 28 complex and emerging topics, such as online content moderation and ethical guidelines for space…
AI Meta
Apr 09

Meta AI event in London: open-source AI, disinformation, and Llama 3

Meta AI’s London event this Tuesday saw Yann LeCun, Nick Clegg, and others discuss current topics in AI. Clegg, the former UK Deputy Prime Minister and current President of Global Affairs at Meta, discussed the need for AI to break free from the “clammy hands” of Silicon Valley. Clegg spoke of the importance of making AI tools widely and freely…

Inside Big Tech’s tussle over AI training data

In the frantic pursuit of AI training data, tech giants OpenAI, Google, and Meta have reportedly bypassed corporate policies, altered their rules, and discussed circumventing copyright law.  A New York Times investigation reveals the lengths these companies have gone to…

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