May 23

NVIDIA’s record-breaking revenue rockets 18% from the last quarter

NVIDIA, firmly at the forefront of the AI revolution, delivered a stunning earnings report on Wednesday that far exceeded Wall Street‘s already lofty expectations.  The company’s Q1 revenue soared by an astonishing 262% from Q1 last to over $26 billion, an increase of 18% from the last quarter, while net income rocketed by more than 600% to $14.9 billion. The chipmaker’s success was largely driven by the insatiable demand for its AI data center chips, as tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon shovel coal on their AI strategies.  NVIDIA’s data center revenue alone surged by 427% to $22.6…

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May 21

GPT-4o loses Sky’s voice after Scarlett Johansson objects

OpenAI has removed GPT-4o’s “Sky” voice after Scarlett Johansson said the company intentionally copied her voice. GPT-4o wowed us with the natural-sounding voices during a demo of the soon-to-be-released Voice Mode. Actress Scarlett Johansson says that GPT-4o’s Sky sounds uncannily like her own voice and it’s hard to dismiss her claim that this was intentional. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has…

May 20

Google’s Frontier Safety Framework mitigates “severe” AI risks

Google has published the first version of its Frontier Safety Framework, a set of protocols that aim to address severe risks that powerful frontier AI models of the future might present. The framework defines Critical Capability Levels (CCLs), which are thresholds at which models may pose heightened risk without additional mitigation. It then lays out different levels of mitigations to…

May 20

LLM safeguards are easily bypassed, UK government study finds

Research conducted by the UK’s AI Safety Institute (AISI) found that AI chatbots can be easily coerced into producing harmful, illegal, or explicit responses. The study probes five large language models (LLMs) already in ‘public use,’ though it stops short of naming them, instead using color codes like “green” and “blue.” It’s one of the first pieces of original research…

May 15

Interview: Tanisha Katara – Blockchain and Web3 Strategist

We interviewed Tanisha Katara, an expert in blockchain governance and the Governance Innovation Specialist at Polygon Technology. In the last two years, she has also been an independent consultant to 6+ clients including Blockchain protocols, Decentralized Applications (dApps), and Decentralized…

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