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Last updated: 27/05/2024

At DailyAI, our mission is to simplify the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by providing clear and engaging insights. As an AI news site, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, and responsibility. This Code of Ethics outlines the principles and guidelines that govern our content creation, editorial processes, and interactions with our audience.

Core Principles

1. Accuracy and Truthfulness

  • Fact-Checking: We prioritize accuracy in all our content. Every article, interview, and review undergoes rigorous fact-checking to ensure the information is reliable and truthful.
  • Corrections: If errors are identified, we promptly correct them and provide transparent explanations for the corrections.

2. Impartiality and Fairness

  • Balanced Reporting: We strive to present a balanced view of AI developments, ensuring that diverse perspectives are represented fairly.
  • Avoiding Bias: We actively work to eliminate any biases in our reporting, focusing solely on factual and unbiased information.

3. Transparency

  • Sources and References: We clearly attribute all sources and references used in our content, providing readers with access to original information.
  • Editorial Independence: We maintain editorial independence from our parent company, Intelliquence, and any external influences, ensuring that our content remains objective and unbiased.

4. Integrity and Accountability

  • Conflict of Interest: We disclose any potential conflicts of interest and ensure that our reporting is not influenced by personal or financial considerations.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for our content and actions, and we welcome feedback from our readers to improve our practices.

5. Respect and Sensitivity

  • Respectful Dialogue: We encourage respectful dialogue and diverse viewpoints, fostering a community where all voices can be heard.
  • Sensitivity to Impact: We are mindful of the impact our content may have on individuals, organizations, and society, and we strive to avoid harm.

6. Privacy and Security

  • Data Protection: We respect the privacy of our readers and sources, adhering to strict data protection policies to safeguard personal information. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Content Guidelines

1. News and Current Affairs

  • Timely and Relevant: Our news coverage is timely, relevant, and based on verifiable facts.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: We cover a wide range of topics within the AI industry, providing comprehensive insights into current trends and developments.

2. Interviews and Opinions

  • Diverse Perspectives: We feature interviews with a diverse array of experts and stakeholders, presenting a broad spectrum of opinions.
  • Clear Distinction: We clearly distinguish between opinion pieces and factual reporting, ensuring readers can easily differentiate between the two.

3. Product Reviews

  • Objective Assessments: Our product reviews are based on thorough evaluations and unbiased assessments.
  • Disclosure: We disclose any affiliations or sponsorships related to the products we review.

4. Prompt Libraries and Educational Content

  • Educational Value: Our prompt libraries and educational content are designed to be informative and useful, helping readers understand and utilize AI tools effectively.
  • Accuracy: We ensure that all educational materials are accurate, up-to-date, and based on credible sources.

Community Engagement

1. Feedback and Interaction

  • Open Channels: We maintain open channels for feedback, encouraging our readers to share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions through various means such as email, social media, and contact forms.
  • Responsive Engagement: We respond to feedback and inquiries in a timely and respectful manner, fostering a positive and interactive community across all platforms.

2. Community Standards

  • Respectful Interaction: We enforce community standards that promote respectful interaction and prohibit harassment, hate speech, and other harmful behaviors in all forms of communication, including social media and email.
  • Moderation: We actively moderate comments, discussions, and other interactive elements to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all readers.

Additional Commitments

1. Inclusivity and Diversity

  • Commitment to Diversity: We are committed to promoting diversity in our content and workplace. We actively seek to represent a variety of voices and perspectives in the AI community.
  • Equal Opportunity: We ensure equal opportunities for all contributors and staff, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.

2. Accessibility

  • Accessible Content: We strive to make our website and content accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This includes adhering to web accessibility standards and providing alternative formats where possible.
  • User-Friendly Design: We continuously improve our website design to ensure it is user-friendly and navigable for everyone.

3. Regular Review and Updates

  • Continuous Improvement: We regularly review and update our Code of Ethics to reflect evolving standards and best practices. Feedback from our readers and stakeholders is a crucial part of this process.
  • Transparency in Changes: Any significant changes to the Code of Ethics will be communicated transparently to our readers and contributors.


At DailyAI, we are dedicated to upholding these ethical standards in all our endeavors. By adhering to this Code of Ethics, we aim to build and maintain the trust of our readers, providing them with valuable and reliable insights into the world of AI. Together, we can make understanding AI an opportunity for everyone.

For any questions or concerns regarding this Code of Ethics, please contact us at [email protected].


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