Microsoft announces dedicated “Copilot” button for Windows keyboards

January 4, 2024

Copilot AI

Microsoft is ushering forth the era of AI PCs with a dedicated “Copilot” key for Windows keyboards, the first major redesign in nearly three decades. 

The all-new button is set to debut on Windows 11 computers, including Surface devices, starting this month.

The “Copilot” key, depicted by a ribbon-like symbol, is a direct gateway to an AI-powered chatbot accessed through Bing. 

Copilot is a multi-modal AI tool capable of working with text, e.g., generating or summarizing articles, providing online shopping assistance, adjusting PC settings, and even creating music from scratch in collaboration with Suno. 

Notably, the AI will work with both Microsoft apps and software on your PC and, in the usual way, through Bing. Microsoft has consistently reinforced security and privacy for tasks involving one’s own personal information. 

This follows Microsoft rolling out Copilot apps for Android and iOS devices last December

Located near the space bar, the Copilot key will either replace the right CTRL button or a menu key on some PCs. 

Other computer manufacturers are set to incorporate the Copilot button into their new models, some of which may be revealed at an upcoming CES tech event in Las Vegas.

Copilot AI
Artist rendition of the forthcoming Copilot button. Source: X.

Copilot can even integrate with Paint to create digital art, features voice input control, and performs system actions such as changing to dark mode, enabling ‘do not disturb,’ taking screenshots, and summarizing websites.

2024 is set to herald a new generation of AI-integrated devices, with Samsung also recently announcing “AI-powered” phones and Apple also announcing AI upgrades to Siri.

Within the same day or two of these other developments, Dell announced further details of AI integration into XPS laptops. 

AI devices will soon become the norm, but what will their utility be? 2024 will provide the answers.

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