Microsoft releases its Copilot AI app for Android and iOS

December 31, 2023

Microsoft AI

Microsoft’s Copilot, a dynamic AI chatbot, has recently debuted on Android and iOS platforms. 

AI developers have been rolling out mobile app versions of their tools, starting with ChatGPT earlier in the year. 

Microsoft’s app, Copilot, is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, unlike the free version of ChatGPT itself, which still uses GPT-3.5. 

For iOS users, Copilot goes a step further by integrating DALL-E 3, OpenAI’s advanced text-to-image AI system. This allows users to convert textual descriptions into vivid, detailed images, showcasing DALL-E 3’s prowess in interpreting and visualizing complex requests.

While not as well-known as ChatGPT, Copilot is a multi-faceted AI tool that can assist with tasks ranging from drafting emails to coding and creative tasks like image generation and music composition. 

Microsoft has expanded its AI tools this year, creating some competition between OpenAI and Microsoft despite them both using OpenAI’s models. 

Copilot is also confusingly the name of GitHub’s coding tool, as well as Microsoft 365 Copilot, which are AI tools integrated specifically into Microsoft’s 365 app suite

Adding to its repertoire, Microsoft recently integrated a text-to-audio AI platform named Suno into Copilot, enabling users to compose complete songs from just a text prompt, including lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices. 

For example, a user can enter a request like “Create a pop song about adventures with your family,” and Suno will bring this idea to life through its plugin within Copilot​​.

Of course, the results are unpredictable, but that adds to the novelty. While you won’t be generating a Beethoven symphony with Suno anytime soon, it offers an interesting option for simple music production sound design.

According to Suno’s CEO and co-founder, Mikey Shulman, the key differentiator for Suno is its ability to generate vocal music, which was previously hindered by the need for musical skills or complex software​.

At the start of the year, AI tools were limited to handling text. Now, they can handle images, text, and audio, all within the same multi-function interface.

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