Excitement grows over upcoming 2024 NVIDIA GTC AI experience

December 27, 2023

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The NVIDIA 2024 GTC AI conference brings together an influential dream team of the AI industry’s biggest influencers helping shape what’s next in AI and accelerated computing.

The GPU Technology Conference (GTC) will take place from 18-21 March 2024 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. The GTC agenda offers something for AI enthusiasts at every technical level and interest area.

GTC 2023 was a virtual event, but 2024 sees a return to an in-person GTC experience with tons of unique networking events. Virtual attendance is also possible, but the prospect of attending in person already has me checking flights to San Jose.

For those looking to get their hands on next-gen NVIDIA technology and tools, the action starts the day before the conference with immersive full-day, hands-on technical workshops on 17 March.

The highlight of the conference will be NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote where he’ll share the latest NVIDIA and AI technologies affecting every industry—and our everyday lives..

Last year’s keynote saw Huang announce exciting developments like the H100 NVL GPU with NVLink, the Grace Hopper Superchip, and DGX Cloud, which provides instant access to AI supercomputers from a browser.

Connect With the Experts

The list of conference presenters includes thought leaders from Big Tech companies like Meta, Google Deep Mind, Open AI, Inflection AI, and many others.

GTC presenters. Source: NVIDIA

Some exciting prospects on the agenda will be presentations from:

  • Joelle Pineau – VP of AI Research – Meta
  • Brad Lightcap – Chief Operating Officer – OpenAI
  • Vincent Vanhoucke – Distinguished Scientist and Senior Director of Robotics – Google DeepMind
  • Bill Dally – Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President of Research – NVIDIA

Are you interested in how AI regulation will impact future developments? EU representative Gerard de Graaf, Senior Envoy for Digital to the US and Head of the EU Office in San Francisco is ideally placed to give some key insights in light of the recently signed EU AI Act.

There are also speakers from companies in the creative industry like Pixar, Walt Disney, and Getty Images and industry giants like Ford.

The Connect With the Experts sessions will give you a chance to ask NVIDIA engineers questions and learn about the latest NVIDIA technologies, including generative AI, LLMs, deep learning, accelerated computing, robotics, data center and cloud, industrial digitalization, and more.

A few standout topics for these 50-minute sessions include:

  • Accelerated LLM Development
  • Accelerating Development of Intelligent Robots
  • GPU-Accelerated Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics
  • Tuning Applications for Grace Hopper Superchip
  • GTC Workshops

The full-day, hands-on technical workshops are in-depth labs led by proven subject matter experts from NVIDIA.

Looking through the list of workshops makes it apparent that it’s going to be a tough choice to decide which one to attend. Some of the standout workshop themes are:

  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision for Industrial Inspection
  • Rapid Application Development Using Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Applications of AI for Anomaly Detection

If you want to network with and learn from the people shaping the future of AI then NVIDIA GTC is unmissable. If you would like to attend then book your tickets here. There are limited quantities of Conference, and Training and Conference passes but if you book early you can lock in the early-bird pricing.

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