Meta announces its “Emu” family of generative AI tools

November 17, 2023
Meta AI

Meta unveils yet another two generative AI tools, dubbed “Emu Video” and “Emu Edit.”

These tools, emerging from Meta’s “Emu” AI research project, aim to transform how users interact with video and image creation on Facebook and Instagram.

“Emu Video” enables users to create short video clips from text prompts. This tool operates on a two-step process by generating images based on text prompts and crafting videos by integrating the text and the generated image. It’s capable of producing 512×512, four-second videos at 16 frames per second.

The second tool, “Emu Edit,” allows users to perform custom edits on images through conversational prompts, eliminating the need to manually select the edit area. For example, users could transform an object into an image by simply typing a command like “turn the sofa into a bear.”

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced these tools as additions to Facebook and Instagram, ensuring they integrate into content creation workflows. 

Meta also said they’re working on methods to label synthetic content, ensuring transparency and authenticity in the growing world of AI-created media.

While their release dates on Meta’s platforms are not yet confirmed, their introduction signifies a significant stride towards democratizing AI-driven creative processes. 

Round up of Meta’s AI features

Here’s a round-up of Meta’s AI tools for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp:

  • AI stickers: Launching across WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories, these stickers enable users to create customized stickers from text prompts. This feature is powered by Llama 2 and Emu technologies. They were recently mocked for producing obscene images.
  • Image editing with AI: Two new features, Restyle and Backdrop, are coming to Instagram. Restyle allows users to reimagine images by applying described visual styles, while Backdrop can change the background of images based on prompts.
  • Meta AI assistant: A new conversational assistant available on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and soon on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3. It offers real-time information, generates photorealistic images from text prompts, and is available only in the US.
  • 28 new AIs with unique personalities: In beta, these AIs feature different interests and personalities, some played by celebrity icons and influencers. They are accessible through WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.
  • AI studio: AI studio, a platform for building AIs, will soon be available to coders and non-coders. Developers can create third-party AIs for messaging services, starting with Messenger.
  • AIs for businesses and creators: Businesses can develop AIs that reflect their brand values to improve customer service, while creators can develop AIs to extend their virtual presence across apps.
  • Sandbox for AI Creation: Planned for release in the coming year, this sandbox will enable anyone to experiment with creating their own AI, with plans to integrate it into the metaverse for more realistic and connected AI experiences.

Meta has joined YouTube, which also integrated AI tools into its platform this week.

Alongside its Llama 2 LLM, Meta’s AI releases have helped revive the company from its metaverse-era slump and re-position it as an intriguing innovator for generative AI. 

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