Meta launches AI tools for creating generative AI ads

October 4, 2023

Meta AI

Meta unveiled a batch of generative AI tools for creating adverts, aiming to streamline the advertising process for marketers on its platforms. 

These tools, previously tested in Meta’s AI Sandbox since its introduction in May, will be made accessible to an increasing number of advertisers throughout the upcoming year.

In a recent press briefing, Matt Steiner, Meta’s VP of monetization, said, “There’s immense value in being able to experiment with generative AI tools and having the opportunity to provide feedback and improve the tools, especially during the early stages of product development.”

Meta’s ad tools

The inaugural trio of AI tools ready for deployment are:

  1. Text variation: This tool auto-generates several renditions of ad copy tailored for different target audiences.
  2. Image generation: Allows users to automatically create multiple background visuals that align with different products based on text cues.
  3. Image cropping: This tool is designed to automatically fine-tune the aspect ratio of creative resources, ensuring that the visual representation remains consistent across different formats, be it Reels ads, feed ads, or Stories.

Steiner explained that these AI models derive training from many sources, ranging from ad data on Meta’s platforms to data acquired from partners, vendors, third parties, and even some public databases.

Generative AI will supposedly save creative and media teams significant time scratch-building ads. Instead of devoting hours to repetitive tasks like generating numerous versions of the same creative content or message, Meta says teams can focus on more high-level strategic objectives.

A survey conducted by Meta among advertisers who tested these tools within the AI Sandbox estimated that generative AI could save them over five hours every week, according to TechCrunch.

“We believe in a world where AI unleashes the potential of marketers to do more of the creative, strategic work that really drives their business forward,” stated Alvin Bowles, VP of Meta’s global business group.

Meta acknowledges the need for further refinement to ensure the AI output matches each advertiser’s vision.

Meta is further optimistic about the future, hinting at the development of additional similar AI features, including innovative ways to generate ad copy and backgrounds with specific themes. 

The company also intends to integrate AI capabilities for business messaging on platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger.

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