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Jul 17

AI-powered ‘synthetic cancer’ worm represents a new frontier in cyber threats

Researchers have unveiled a new type of computer virus that harnesses the power of large language models (LLMs) to evade detection and propagate itself.  This “synthetic cancer,” as its creators dub it, portrays what could be a new era in malware. David Zollikofer from ETH Zurich and Benjamin Zimmerman from Ohio State University developed this proof-of-concept malware as part of their submission to the Swiss AI Safety Prize.  Their creation, detailed in a pre-print paper titled “Synthetic Cancer – Augmenting Worms with LLMs,” demonstrates the potential for AI to be exploited to create new, highly sophisticated cyber attacks.  Here’s a…

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Tech company cancels AI workers’ rights after pushback

HR software company Lattice, founded by Sam Altman’s brother Jack Altman, became the first to give digital workers official employee records but canceled the move just 3 days later. Lattice CEO Sarah Franklin announced on LinkedIn that Lattice “made history to become the first company to lead in the responsible employment of AI ‘digital workers’ by creating a digital employee…

Jul 14

AI model performance: Is it reasoning or simply reciting?

When ChatGPT gives you the right answer to your prompt, does it reason through the request or simply remember the answer from its training data? MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) researchers designed a series of tests to see if AI models “think” or just have good memories. When you prompt an AI model to solve a math…

NATO releases a revised AI strategy to combat threats

NATO has released a revised AI strategy to promote the responsible use of AI in defense applications and to combat threats from AI-enabled adversaries. NATO’s updated strategy is an indication of how quickly AI in defense is moving from novelty to broad adoption. NATO’s original AI strategy was set out in 2021 where it endorsed six Principles of Responsible Use…

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