The most popular AI models earn almost 10 times more than the average American

February 15, 2024

With her alabaster skin, impressive cleavage and doe-like brown eyes, 19-year-old Claudia has the perfect body. At least that’s what her OnlyFans subscribers think, overlooking one key detail: Claudia isn’t real. In fact, she is one of the many AI-generated models that have taken OnlyFans and Fanvue by storm in recent months.

These simulations can be generated in an instant using prompts and parameters that can be customised in impressive detail, resulting in models boasting distinct and immersive personalities, from dominatrices to girl-gamers. The creators behind these online personalities are often selling more than just an image, and are drawing an impressive following as a result:

  • An AI model on OnlyFans only needs 497 subscribers to earn the same as the average American
  • The most popular AI model earns almost ten times the average US salary in subscription fees alone
  • Each AI model can generate up to half a million images per day

While many users signed up to Claudia’s OnlyFans account out of curiosity, a great many more will have been taken in by her lifelike appearance. This includes OnlyFans itself, which only permits AI-generated profiles created by verified OnlyFans ‘content creators’. Claudia’s account was eventually identified as an AI model and removed from the site, but not before her creators had made around $100 selling her nudes.

While nothing to be sniffed at, this is but a drop in the ocean by the standards of the emerging market’s big players: ‘TheRRRealist’ can earn a staggering $15,000 per month selling explicit AI-generated images. The demand is undoubtedly there and there is no reason why AI OnlyFans models should not have the same monetization potential as their human counterparts. As is the case with any online content, quality content and an engaged audience will lead to an established presence and the potential for significant profit.

Fanvue is Specifically Targeted Towards AI Content

Many content creators are beginning to move across to Fanvue, which specifically focuses on adult content featuring AI personalities. Emily Pellegrini, who boasts 81,000 Instagram followers, made $9,600 in her first six weeks on the site, and with her creator, Unstable Diffusion, able to generate half a million AI model images each and every day at the click of a button, the costs are minimal. Emily’s earnings from her first six weeks are 140% of the average US salary ($1,145 per week, or $4,958 per month). In fact, figures from Coinbase suggest that an AI model only needs 497 subscribers to earn the same as the average American.

So how much are the most popular OnlyFans and Fanvue models making? investigates:


Image Credit: Instagram/@amouranthoffical

1. Kaitlyn Siragusa (Amouranth)

13,133 Subscribers

Monthly OnlyFans Earnings = $196,863.67 (Subscriptions Only)

Amouranth, also known as Kaitlyn Siragusa, is an established OnlyFans creator who has recently started experimenting with AI-generated versions of herself. Introducing AI technology into her offerings has allowed Kaitlyn to create more variable content, interact virtually with fans and generally improve her work-life balance. Amournath is reported to make an eye-watering $20 million a year from her adult content on OnlyFans and Twitch, with an estimated $196,863.67 coming from her OnlyFans subscription fees alone. Her loyal subscribers routinely tip or pay extra to receive exclusive content.


Image Credit: Instagram/@fit_aitana

2. Aitana Lopez

3,247 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $48,672.53 (Subscriptions only)

Aitana Lopez, an AI-generated Spanish model, is in high demand at the moment. The pink-haired influencer was created by The Clueless Agency to solve the issue of unreliable human influencers and is said to earn $11,000 per month in brand deals alone. Aitana’s image was carefully calibrated to appeal to online fans and brands, with hair that reflects the gaming culture and her trademark lack of a smile showing that she is both complicated and a little self-centred. With monthly Fanvue subscriptions alone exceeding $48,000, Aitana is our highest earning pure-AI model, raking in almost 10 times the average US salary.


Image Credit: Instagram/@lexischmidtai

3. Lexi Schmidt

2,100 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $23,079
Lexi is a 22-year old virtual influencer. While both her face and the lady behind the account are very much real, Lexi’s pictures are made and enhanced using AI technology. Lexi studies media and design and is keen to fulfil her subscribers’ naughtiest fantasies. Her AI capabilities mean that she excels in chat, and as a result Lexi is able to communicate with her followers in many different languages giving her a truly global reach.


Image Credit: Instagram/@sika.moon

4. Sika Moon

1,138 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $12,506.62

Imagine the perfect version of yourself: that’s exactly how Sika Moon came to be. Despite having five years’ experience in the adult entertainment industry, Sika soon found that her virtual clone was receiving more attention than she ever had. While others might have been offended, the repetitive and uncreative nature of the work was starting to get to Sika, and creating an AI avatar allowed her to claw some of that creativity back and reach fans on the new AI platform, Fanvue, where she is in the top 1% of all earners.


Image Credit: Instagram/@andreaangelr

5. Andrea Angel

1,100 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $16,489

Dark-haired beauty Andrea Angel proclaims herself as Instagram’s favourite virtual babe, but it’s Fanvue where subscribers can view her “NSFW” (Not Safe for Work) content. Andrea offers a free trial period for subscribers who are keen to discover what some of her risqué content entails, but her piercing green eyes and knock-out good looks leave many signed up for longer.


Image Credit: TikTok/@maddiejourney

6. Maddie Journey

1,100 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $10,989

Maddie is an adventurous girl who, in addition to tantalising her subscribers with fully nude content and surprises delivered straight to their inboxes, has a collaboration with Playbella, a lingerie company that deploys AI models in its marketing.


Image Credit: Facebook/Sarah Jordan

7. Sarah Jordan

944 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $8,486.56

Australian Sarah Jordan has 609,000 Instagram followers and, judging from the comments section, it seems that many have been fooled by the AI model’s appearance. Sarah has even been interviewed by Woman’s Fitness magazine, where she put her good physique down to strength training and cardio, rather than the skilled hands of an AI developer.


Image Credit: Instagram/@hailey.lopezxo

8. Hailey Lopez

800 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $8,792

Hailey is a 21-year-old blonde Miami girl who set the internet ablaze with a fairly innocuous message reading “Go Dolphins!”. Because of her phenomenal good looks, NFL fans lost it – eager to find out who the stunning lady was – before quickly realising that they had in fact been duped.


Image Credit: Instagram/@emilypellegrini

9. Emily Pellegrini

694 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $6,928

Famous footballers, MMA stars and billionaires have all slid into Emily’s DMs at some point – seemingly fooled by her beauty. Emily first appeared on the scene after her creator asked ChatGPT what the average guy’s dream girl looked like and received the reply: “long brown hair and long legs”. Her developer has revealed that the AI model has a blonde sister, Fiona, who is not quite as popular as her brunette counterpart.


Image Credit:

10. Goddess Aleksa

10 Subscribers

Monthly Fanvue Earnings = $149.90 (Subscriptions only)

Russian dominatrix, Goddess Aleksa is one to watch. While she may not boast swathes of subscribers just yet, her online presence shows the lengths that some subscribers are prepared to go to, despite knowing that the model isn’t real. Aleksa offers a ‘findom’ service, by which smitten subscribers happily hand over full control of their bank accounts to an artificially created human, while her wishlist on Wishtender exhibits some of the lavish gifts that fans can buy her. The dominant goddess unashamedly boasts the strapline: “Why have a real woman when you can have me?”.

The future for AI models

AI-generated models sit at the very edge of our recent technological boom and are only just beginning to emerge onto the marketplace for adult-content. What is undeniable even at this early stage is that significant demand is present, and with creators striving to deliver a product that is far more immersive and interactive than ever before this is an area with real growth potential. The concept is not without its critics though, and many have expressed concerns at the blurring of the line between the real and the imagined, and the increased pressures on body image as those of flesh and blood struggle to maintain pace with their artificial counterparts.

Sam Jeans, AI expert with, thinks that, despite its controversy, the growth of AI models is unavoidable:

“Even in its infancy AI-modelling is proving to be a highly profitable area of the industry. Despite these being early days, 90% of our featured models are already taking home significantly more than the average salary in the US. As technology progresses and images and interaction become ever more life-like, a boom in the market is virtually inevitable”.

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