The upcoming World Conference on Data Science & Statistics 2024 

  • The World Conference on Data Science & Statistics 2024 is taking place on the 17th to 19th of June
  • This three-day event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, will explore data science, AI, and machine learning
  • Topics span everything from predictive analytics and Big Data to climate change, health, and finance

The World Conference on Data Science & Statistics 2024 on the 17th to 19th of June brings together industry leaders, innovators, and academics in the fields of data science, Big Data, machine learning (ML), AI, IoT, and analytics. 

This conference addresses the interaction between data science, AI, and other breakthrough technologies, alongside their impacts on data, people, processes, and technology. 

It’s a truly diverse and eclectic event with global representation from both leading companies and academia. 

Set in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, this three-day event will feature presentations on cutting-edge data-driven technology, projects, products, and research from some of the world’s most eminent figures in the intersection of data science and AI. 

The target audience spans everyone from VPs and leaders in healthcare, education, finance, and manufacturing to entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, professors, and students. 

Bridging debate on data science and AI

Data science itself, the chief focus of the conference, has become irrevocably shaped by AI, which has transformed how data is extracted, analyzed, managed, and used. 

From machine learning models that sift through millions of compounds to uncover new antibiotics to predictive analytics helping conservationists protect the rainforest, AI’s role in data science represents a new frontier for the field. 

The World Conference on Data Science & Statistics 2024 brings together research and debate in these fields. 

It’s set to be an excellent opportunity for anyone professional or academically engaged with data science, AI, and allied technologies. 

Highlights from the schedule

What is clear from the World Conference on Data Science & Statistics is the huge range of speakers and topics covered. 

There are 60+ scheduled sessions across the conference, including numerous networking sessions. This is an international convergence of ideas and networking opportunities. 

Topics for the event’s three days of discussions, sessions, and networking events include:

  • Data science and technology, AI and machine learning: Exploring advancements and applications in transforming industries.
  • Public policy and big data analytics: The intersection and influence of data analytics in shaping public policies.
  • Advanced analytics, databases, and data security: Addressing critical issues in data analysis and the importance of securing digital data.
  • Climate change: A dedicated keynote session focusing on the implications and contributions of data science in understanding and addressing climate change.
  • Neuromorphic computing: Exploring the cutting-edge field of neuromorphic computing and its potential implications for future technology.
  • Cloud computing: A session dedicated to the latest trends and advancements in cloud computing and its role in data management and analysis.
  • Technologies in data visualization and computational science: Showcasing innovations in visualizing complex data and computational analysis.
  • Business intelligence and digital transformation: How business intelligence is driving changes across various sectors.

Key information about the World Conference on Data Science & Statistics 2024

  • Dates: June 17 to 19, 2024.
  • Location: Holiday Inn Amsterdam – Arena Towers, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Focus: Comprehensive coverage of data science & statistics, including machine learning, AI, data management, IoT, and analytics.
  • Activities: Engaging workshops, roundtable discussions, keynote speeches, and ample networking opportunities.
  • Speakers: Renowned experts from diverse sectors, including healthcare, finance, education, and technology.
  • Agenda: A rich program featuring practice-oriented research, innovative technology showcases, and discussions on data-driven and AI-innovative business.
  • Tickets: Options for both in-person attendance and virtual participation are available.

For complete details and to secure your tickets, visit the conference’s official website here

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