Generative AI Europe explores the risks and rewards of Gen AI

  • The Generative AI Europe conference starts today and is the first of its kind for Europe.
  • The agenda explores the transformative potential of Generative AI and the risks that need to be managed.
  • Speakers from big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Philips, and more make up an impressive lineup.

Generative AI is proving to be a huge disrupter in the way successful companies do business. The Generative AI Europe conference in Amsterdam will explore the transformative potential of Generative AI and the associated risks that companies need to manage.

The conference, which runs from 4-6 December, will be held at the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel and Conference Center and is an exciting first for Europe. It’s the only European Gen AI conference based on results from use cases in cross-functional industries.

The enterprise landscape has seen a shift from the initial excitement over the capabilities of Generative AI to a realization that there are challenges associated with harnessing its benefits.

The agenda for the conference reflects a strong focus on providing practical steps for implementing and scaling Generative AI. The applications and case studies span multiple sectors with 3 of the agenda items standing out as particularly interesting.

Generative AI 101 – Introduction to the Fundamentals

Presented by: Sonika Kapil, AI & App Chief Architect at Microsoft

Sonika Kapil, AI & App Chief Architect at Microsoft. Source: Generative AI Europe

You’ve heard the hype and buzz words but what can Generative AI actually do for you and where do you start? Kapil will cover the fundamentals and then explore applications and possibilities including 3D object generation, interactive image generation, and text generation.

She will cover the datasets and models that make Gen AI work and the practical use cases where the tech can be applied to the best effect.

Microsoft is at the frontier of AI development and the biggest investor in Gen AI unicorn OpenAI. This makes Kapil an ideal source for key insights into what this exciting technology can and will do for business.

From PoC to production: How to leverage GenAI in the corporate world

Presented by: Sergio Gago Huerta, MD-AI & Machine Learning at Moody’s

Sergio Gago Huerta, MD-AI & Machine Learning at Moody’s. Source: Generative AI Europe

Proof of Concept is one thing, deploying Generative AI in a larger corporate is an entirely different challenge. Huerta will cover how Moody’s has helped over 14,000 innovators to do this successfully.

He covers the experimental phase and how to engage role players for successful change management and adoption of Gen AI solutions.

The presentation also covers how to scale solutions companywide while staying on the right side of alignment aspects like the ethical, legal, and compliance considerations.

Large Language Models In Generative AI For Business Applications: A Technical Perspective

Presented by: Tanju Bulut, Industry Architect at Google Cloud

Tanju Bulut, Industry Architect at Google Cloud. Source: Generative AI Europe

One of the biggest opportunities to use Gen AI is to enhance customer experiences and enable intelligent interactions with virtual assistants.

Bulut will take a deep dive into how virtual assistants that simulate natural conversations can enable seamless and intelligent interactions with customers through voice or chat interfaces.

We normally think of AI chat assistants interacting directly with the customer, but they can do so much more. Bulut will demonstrate how virtual assistants can empower human contact center agents with real-time suggestions and responses to better service customers during a call.

If you want to scale and improve how your company delivers customer support then this could be a game changer.

An exciting event

The list of conference speakers includes AI specialists from companies like Philips, Bayer, Astra Zeneca, IKEA, and more. These speakers aren’t simply academics, they’re the people driving Generative AI in these diverse industries.

Because of this, the conference promises a strong focus on real-world practical applications of Generative AI. The networking opportunity this event offers is also an exciting prospect with some of Europe’s biggest investors in AI in attendance.

You can see more details and book your tickets here.

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