Google postpones its “Gemini” project until 2024

November 17, 2023

Google AI

Google’s much-anticipated AI system, Gemini, which was poised to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has been delayed.

Initially rumored for release this month, Gemini’s launch is now rescheduled for early 2024, as first reported by The Information.

Google has been striving to match the hype around language models like ChatGPT. 

Despite releasing Bard and integrating advanced AI features into its latest smartphones, Google’s efforts to parallel OpenAI’s products have fallen short. 

A leaked Google memo from earlier this year conceded that the company had been caught napping by commercial generative AI, and Bard simply hasn’t talked its way into people’s vocabulary to the same extent as ChatGPT.

Another leak from Semi Analysis cited that Gemini would be the most powerful generative AI model the world has seen, or more precisely, that it will “smash GPT-4 by 5X.” 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai discussed Gemini during the Google I/O developer conference in May 2023. He stated that Gemini is designed “from the ground up to be multimodal,” but now, OpenAI has released GPT-4 Turbo with DALL-E 3 and resurrected web browsing, once again raising the bar. 

ChatGPT Plus signups surged during November, leading OpenAI to temporarily close account upgrades due to overwhelming demand. 

The delay of Gemini, a collaborative creation of Google Brain and Google DeepMind, signifies more than just a postponed product launch. It highlights the increasing lead of OpenAI in the domain of AI language models, which is set to widen further.

The exact timing of Gemini’s early 2024 release remains vague, with possibilities ranging from January to as late as April.

Right now, ChatGPT’s exponential growth and the introduction of novel features set a high bar for competitors. Plus, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said today’s AI will look “quaint” next year, so they’re certainly not planning on any form of break.

2023 has seen OpenAI and Microsoft put on a devastating display for their competitors, but the generative AI industry is only just getting started.

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