The UK government outlines objectives for upcoming AI Safety Summit

September 4, 2023

AI Safety Summit

The UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has released details about the AI Safety Summit, set to occur on November 1st and 2nd at Bletchley Park. 

The summit aims to gather experts from technology organizations, academia, and civil society for a comprehensive discussion on the safety aspects of frontier AI – typically defined as the most advanced form of the technology.

The summit’s agenda is broad but centers on understanding the risks and ethical challenges posed by advanced AI. 

Discussions will cover a variety of issues, including cyber and bio-security threats and the responsible use of AI in high-risk sectors like healthcare and transportation.

Last month, the UK government announced the event’s location as Bletchley Park, where computer scientists, including Alan Turing, set out to decode the Axis powers’ encrypted messages in World War 2. 

Five core objectives

The UK government has identified five primary objectives to guide the summit:

  • Risk understanding: Develop a shared understanding of the risks associated with frontier AI.
  • International collaboration: Discuss an ongoing process for international cooperation on AI safety and developing supportive regulatory frameworks.
  • Organizational measures: Explore steps that organizations can implement to enhance AI safety.
  • Collaborative research: Identify potential avenues for collaborative research in AI safety, particularly in governance standards and model evaluation.
  • Safe deployment: Consider how safe AI development can benefit societies globally.

The economic and ethical implications

While frontier AI promises significant economic benefits – with the government statement quoting a potential increase of $7 trillion in global growth over the next decade – the technology also poses multifaceted risks. 

Back in June, the nonprofit Center for AI Safety (CAIS) compared AI’s risks to pandemics and nuclear war – a statement that rapidly made headlines and fueled debate surrounding the technology’s finely balanced benefits and drawbacks. 

The summit aims to build on work already being carried out by international bodies, including the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI). 

However, what many people want to know is the guestlist for the event. Crucially, will tech leaders and politicians from China and the Middle East be invited? 

If not, then you might argue the summit’s potential impacts are blunted from the outset. 

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