Google releases preview of Duet AI for Google Workspace

September 3, 2023

Google AI

Google has announced previews and trials of Duet AI, a multi-purpose AI tool for Gmail, Google Docs, Meet, Sheets, and Slides. 

Duet AI costs $30 per month for each user for large enterprises. Google plans to unveil pricing for small businesses and individual users in the coming months.

This AI toolkit aims to breathe new life into the Google Workspace family of tools. 

Aparna Pappu, Google Workspace’s chief, explained, “Now Duet AI is available to all 3 billion Google Workspace accounts.” 

Users can instruct Duet AI to perform various tasks, such as drafting a resume in Google Docs, sending a birthday party invitation via Gmail, adding illustrations to a Slides presentation, or even building a custom form in Sheets. 

Duet AI has been in the testing phase since its unveiling at Google I/O in May. According to Pappu, the tool has been used by more than a million people during its trial phase.

A rival to Microsoft’s Office 365 Copilot

Google’s Duet AI is designed to compete directly with Microsoft’s Office 365 Copilot tools, offering similar functionalities for the Workspace ecosystem. 

Here are some of its features.

Collaboration tools

Duet AI is programmed to handle an array of tasks across Google Workspace’s spectrum of applications – from Gmail and Docs to Sheets and Slides. 

The goal is to provide users with a real-time, AI-based collaborator capable of handling various tasks. Imagine receiving a last-minute request to generate a Q3 performance report. 

Instead of an all-nighter sorting through files and emails, Duet AI can compile the presentation for you, complete with relevant charts and text sourced from your Drive and Gmail.

Google Meet

Duet AI extends its functionalities to Google Meet, including real-time translated captions in 18 languages. It can also take real-time notes during meetings.

Connectivity and communication

Google Chat also integrates Duet AI, enabling users to keep track of conversations, summarize documents, and switch instantly to voice discussions.

Moreover, the AI assistant also enhances Gmail’s smart reply feature, allowing users to draft longer, more personalized responses effortlessly.

Currently, it seems that Google is targeting Duet almost solely at business users, who can request a trial

The tool will eventually roll out to all users, though there’s little clarity on when this will occur and at what cost. 

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