OpenAI rolls out ChatGPT Enterprise, set for $1B revenue

August 30, 2023

OpenAI Regulation

OpenAI has started rolling out ChatGPT Enterprise, a more secure and private version of ChatGPT. The enterprise offering also promises improved performance.

There has been a lot of discussion over the potential privacy and security risks ChatGPT poses to company data. As a result, big tech companies like Samsung and Apple have banned their staff from using the popular AI tool.

OpenAI’s release of an enterprise version of ChatGPT may go some way to assuage those concerns.

The company claims that in spite of concerns over data security, as many as 80% of Fortune 500 companies have started using ChatGPT in the 9 months since it launched.

The improved performance and security of ChatGPT Enterprise may be enough to convince some skeptics to join them. 

This new release will undoubtedly play a big role in the rumors that OpenAI is set to hit $1B in revenue over the next year. That translates to around $80M per day. Not bad for a company that’s around 8 years old. 

Increased Privacy and Security

OpenAI continues to assure users that it doesn’t use user data to train its models. With ChatGPT Enterprise, the data security is bumped up a notch. 

ChatGPT Enterprise is SOC 2 compliant. That means it has been audited and found to comply with a strict industry-defined set of data privacy and data security criteria.

All the conversations are encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2+) and at rest (AES-256) with strict access controls to limit who can access the data.

Improved performance

OpenAI says that its enterprise offering is its “most powerful version of ChatGPT yet.” It comes with all the usage limitations removed and performs up to twice as fast.

The enterprise version of ChatGPT also comes with a 32k context window. This means you can process inputs of files that are 4 times larger than you can currently process with the non-enterprise version.

ChatGPT Enterprise also allows for advanced data analysis, previously called Code Interpreter. This functionality allows you to graph, analyze, and debug a host of different kinds of data.

For example, you could upload a complex financial data file and ask ChatGPT to provide visualizations and insights from the data.

The amount of time this functionality alone will save enterprises is huge. Jorge Zuniga, Head of Data Systems and Integrations at Asana, said, “ChatGPT Enterprise has cut down research time by an average of an hour per day.”

There’s no word on pricing yet, but the performance and security improvements in ChatGPT Enterprise will definitely be grabbing a lot of attention.

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