OpenAI announces 6 new features for ChatGPT

August 5, 2023


OpenAI has unveiled 6 new features for ChatGPT, and some are available now. 

Some users have already seen them pop up in their interfaces, while others will roll out to everyone over the coming weeks. 

Here’s the breakdown:

1: Prompt examples

ChatGPT now provides prompt examples when you open the app, such as “Create a 5-day workout plan” or “Give me some examples of summer travel destinations.”

Some users have spotted prompt suggestions already. 

2: Suggested replies

Similarly, ChatGPT offers suggested replies to each conversation to keep the conversation flowing.

This enables users to delve into relevant topics with just a click. 

3: GPT-4 becomes the default model

GPT-4 is now the default model for Plus users, capped at 50 messages every three hours. 

Users will no longer revert to GPT-3.5 when initiating a new chat. 

4: File uploads to Code Interpreter

The Code Interpreter beta can already be accessed via account settings > click your name > choose beta features, and turn on the Code Interpreter. 

In OpenAI’s words, Code Interpreter knows “how to write and execute python code, and can work with file uploads. Try asking for help with data analysis, image conversions, or editing a code file. Note: files will not persist beyond a single session.”

ChatGPT Plus users can now upload up to ten files to Code Interpreter. 

5: Extended login duration 

Login protocols have been revamped.

Users can now remain logged in for extended periods by scrapping the prior two-week logout policy. 

6: Keyboard shortcuts

Lastly, OpenAI has added keyboard shortcuts, such as (Ctrl) + Shift + C, to copy a code block.

A full list of shortcuts can be accessed by pressing (Ctrl) + /. 

ChatGPT has remained somewhat static compared to competitors, particularly Bard, which added the ability to return images in outputs, as well as improved coding and math abilities and the integration of Google Lens for image searches. 

OpenAI is keen to demonstrate its commitment to ChatGPT after a protracted debate surrounding GPT-4’s decline in output quality, which OpenAI admitted in late July.

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