Exploring the AI and Big Data Expo North America 2024

March 27, 2024
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Coming to Silicon Valley on June 5-6, 2024, the AI and Big Data Expo North America 2024 convenes technologists, industry pioneers, and business leaders.

Held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California, this event offers a rare confluence of cutting-edge innovation, deep industry insights, and business strategy across AI and Big Data.

Six other tech events in the TECHEX event series take place at the same location on the same dates, making this one of the most comprehensive and exciting tech events on the calendar. You can access all events with the Ultimate Pass.

There are also generous FREE passes that offer networking opportunities, access to the exhibition floor, and much more. 

Focusing on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, the AI and Big Data Expo North America 2024 promises to be an invaluable resource for a wide range of attendees. 

What to expect from the AI and Big Data Expo North America 2024

Key highlights from the AI and Big Data Expo North America 2024 include:

  • 7,000+ attendees: Join a global network of over 7,000 professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts. Exchange ideas, collaborate, and forge connections that will shape the future.
  • 250+ speakers: Learn from over 250 industry experts and visionaries from leading companies such as Google, NASA, Ford, LinkedIn, Amazon, and many more. Be inspired by their insights, experiences, and forecasts.
  • Senior-level attendance: With 73% of attendees in director-level positions or higher, the expo provides unparalleled networking opportunities with decision-makers and influencers.
  • Thematic tracks: Tailor your experience with thematic tracks covering enterprise AI, machine learning, security, ethical AI, deep learning, data ecosystems, NLP, and more.
  • Explore the future with co-located events: Some passes grant access to six co-located events from the TECHEX event series at the Santa Clara Convention Center on the same dates. These events include IoT Tech, Intelligent Automation, Cyber Security & Cloud, Unified Communications, Edge Computing, and Digital Transformation.

Highlights from the schedule

The event takes place over two days. Here are some key highlights from the schedule:

Day 1 – June 5, 2024

  • Opening address: Dasha Shunina, Events Director, Women in Tech, sets the stage with an inspiring welcome and highlights the role of AI and Big Data in today’s tech landscape.
  • Highlight presentation: “Augmenting Workforce Capabilities with Gen AI” by Dr. Astha Purohit from Walmart. Explore how advanced AI enhances rather than replaces human work, driving efficiency and innovation.
  • Insightful presentation: Priya Shivakumar from Lightning AI delves into “Building Scalable AI for Real-World Business Impact,” sharing strategic insights on scaling AI applications.
  • Expert presentation: Anil Kumar from Verizon presents “Maximizing Business Value with Gen AI,” offering advanced strategies and case studies for enterprises to refine their AI operations.
  • Keynote presentation: Devavrat Shah, CEO and co-founder of Ikigai, presents “The Next Decade of Gen AI Progress,” forecasting the advancements in generative AI and their potential impact.

Day 2 – June 6, 2024

  • Welcome remarks: Surbhi Kaul from Juniper Networks on “Safe, Secure, and Responsible AI,” setting the tone for a day focused on ethical and secure AI development.
  • Ethical AI keynote: Temi Odesanya from Thomson Reuters discusses the critical considerations for building “Responsible and Ethical AI,” highlighting the balance between innovation and ethical principles.
  • Presentation on AI adoption: Ra Inta from Chevron Phillips Chemical Company covers “Risk and Opportunity in Enterprise Adoption of AI,” outlining strategies to navigate the path between the potential and challenges of generative AI.
  • High-profile panel discussion: A dialogue on “Securing the Nation” featuring senior cybersecurity and AI experts discussing strategies to protect critical national infrastructure from emerging threats.

Key information about the event

  • Date: June 5-6, 2024
  • Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley.
  • Time: The expo unfolds over two days, starting from the morning of June 5th, with registration opening at 08:00 AM and concluding on June 6th with closing remarks and networking opportunities in the late afternoon.
  • Tickets: Secure your place at this premier technology event by registering here. There are also FREE tickets with generous access to some parts of the conference, including the exhibition floor and networking areas.
  • Additional Information: For more details, registration help, or partnership opportunities, explore the official event website.

Whether you’re looking to explore cutting-edge technologies or connect with industry leaders, the AI and Big Data Expo North America 2024 will be a unique experience.

Book your passes here.

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