The upcoming Global Virtual MarTech Summit APAC

  • The Global Virtual MarTech Summit takes place on February 21st, 2024
  • A virtual summit, it focuses on business operations across the APAC region
  • 20+ speakers represent global companies like BlackRock, GSK, and Dell

The Global Virtual MarTech Summit will convene on February 21st, 2024, as a virtual event for the APAC region. 

This summit will explore cutting-edge strategies at the frontier of marketing technology (MarTech).

It brings together 20+ seasoned thought leaders and specialists, each ready to dissect, discuss, and disseminate insights on the challenges and burgeoning trends within MarTech in 2024. 

Topics span from marketing strategies to the evolution of customer experiences and the complexity of data integration, all tailored to address the evolving landscape of MarTech.

The APAC track of the Global Virtual MarTech Summit combines over 450 eminent brands and more than 800 attendees, with over 6 hours of intensive networking. 

This summit is an unparalleled opportunity for engagement, learning, and forging collaborative pathways.

Why attend?

The summit is designed for marketing professionals, digital strategists, and technology enthusiasts eager to:

  • Navigate the forefront of technological and strategic evolutions within the MarTech sector.
  • Engage in rich dialogues about pioneering technologies and visionary solutions.
  • Exchange insights and experiences to collectively surmount the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Confirmed Speakers for Global Virtual MarTech Summit – APAC track

A short selection of the 20+ speakers from the event include:

  • Laura Atkinson: Head of Digital Services & Content at KONE
  • Faith Benjaathonsirikul: Head of Omnichannel at GSK
  • Prashant Lulla: Head of Customer Experience APAC at Zurich Insurance
  • Monika Mikušová: Senior Director, Marketing, APAC at foodpanda
  • George Yaryura: Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mashreq
  • Kristie Wong: Head of APAC Digital at BlackRock
  • Pallavi Pandey: Strategy & Transformation Leader for eCommerce at Schneider Electric
  • Nupur Tiwari: Senior Product Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies
  • Tim Johnston: Senior Marketing Director, APJ at ON24
  • Ranya Arora: Senior Strategic Business Consultant at Braze

Selected sessions from the summit

A handful of selected sessions from the day-long event agenda include:

  1. Chairperson opening & panel discussion: “Navigating Cultural Nuances in APAC Marketing” with Laura Vogel, Monika Mikušová, Kristie Wong, and Benjamin O’Dell discussing the diversity in APAC marketing and the importance of cultural relevance.
  2. Keynote presentation: “How to Use AI to Optimise, Personalise and Scale Your Webinars” by Tim Johnston, Senior Marketing Director, APJ, ON24, exploring AI in enhancing webinar engagement and analytics.
  3. Fireside chat: “Leverage Data and Insights in E-Commerce for Brands to Effectively Grow Revenue” with Prashant Lulla and Pallavi Pandey discussing the integration of e-commerce insights for brand growth.
  4. Keynote presentation: “Real AI Powered Search: Smooth Sailing in the Generative AI Content Storm” by Freddie Rumsey, Senior Account Executive, Canto, addressing the challenges and solutions in managing AI-generated content.
  5. Panel discussion: “Revolutionising Data Enrichment and Transforming Customer Insights for Hyper-Personalised Experiences” with Faith Benjaathonsirikul, Chanuttita Chitmanasak, Cahyanto Arie Wibowo showcasing the impact of AI and data analytics in personalizing customer experiences.

Key details about Global Virtual MarTech Summit APAC

  • Date: February 21, 2024
  • Time: 13:25 – 18:15 Singapore Standard Time (GMT+8)
  • Venue: Virtual live-stream
  • Tickets: Open for attendees, register here

For more information, registration details, and to explore partnership opportunities, please visit the official #VirtualMarTech summit website.

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