Join us at the Travel Trends AI Summit 2024

February 7, 2024

The inaugural Travel Trends AI Summit is set to offer unique insight into AI’s deep integration into the travel industry. 

This virtual event, scheduled for February 21-22, 2024, is an opportunity to explore the shifts AI is bringing to travel and tourism. 

AI’s role in travel includes automation, personalized travel experiences, dynamic itinerary planning, and enhanced customer service, all tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern travelers. 

This summit explores these advancements and more with talks, discussions, and Q&As. 

Expect to hear from a stellar array of speakers from prestigious organizations, including Phocuswright, Arival, and Oliver Wyman, to VCs, including F-Prime Capital and Trip Ventures, along with start-ups such as Roam Around, Legends, Boston Venture Studio, and more, who will share their insights on leveraging AI to drive innovation in travel.

For more insights and trends in the travel industry, tune into the ‘Travel Trends with Dan Christian’ podcast on platforms like Apple and Spotify.

AI’s impact on travel and tourism

AI’s influence in travel and tourism has rocketed. According to market analyses, AI-influenced revenue within the tourism sector witnessed an astonishing 50% growth from 2018 to 2021. 

By 2024, this figure is anticipated to triple, showing AI’s monumental impact on travel.

We’ve already seen examples of AI chatbots created by airlines and booking platforms like Expedia and Emirates, enabling users to browse and book options from an interactive interface. 

These use cases and others are set to expand as we push on into the age of generative AI. 

Highlighted speakers at the Travel Trends AI Summit

The Travel Trends AI Summit boasts an impressive lineup of speakers from the forefront of the travel, technology, and AI industries, including:

  • Shane O’Flaherty: Global Director at Microsoft.
  • Maggie Rauch: Research Lead, Transportation, Hospitality at Deloitte.
  • Travis Pittman: Co-Founder & CEO at TourRadar.
  • Stuart Greif: Chief Strategy Officer at Forbes Travel Guide.
  • Betsy Mule, F-Prime Capital, Partner
  • Carlos Garcia, Founder, Trip Ventures 
  • Mike Coletta: Manager, Research & Innovation at Phocuswright.

Summit highlights

  • Cutting-edge discussions: Delve into how AI reshapes marketing strategies, enhances customer experiences, and drives operational advantages in the travel sector.
  • Future-proofing strategies: Learn how to integrate AI into your business model to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.
  • Interactive sessions: Engage in workshops and panel discussions designed to provide actionable insights and foster collaborative innovation.

Why attend?

  • Expert panels and keynotes: The summit promises a lineup of thought-provoking discussions and keynotes featuring CEOs, Directors, and Founders from leading companies.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Sessions will span a range of topics important to the travel industry, from marketing and technology to customer service and leadership. 
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, technology innovators, and fellow professionals in an interactive virtual setting.

Registration details

Tickets are available at a special price of $99 USD until February 13, 2024, after which prices will increase to $249 USD. Secure your spot early to take advantage of this offer.

Secure your ticket today and be part of the journey that shapes tomorrow’s travel industry.

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