Exploring AI at CFO StraTech 2024

February 7, 2024

Set for February 8, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya, CFO StraTech 2024 in Riyadh, KSA, marks the 16th edition of this conference. 

Today’s CFOs are at the forefront of driving innovation, efficiency, and strategic planning, embracing a wide array of responsibilities from value creation and sustainability initiatives to leveraging data and technology, including AI.

The event explores the expanded role of CFOs, who now go beyond traditional financial remits to offer deeper strategic guidance. 

CFO StraTech 2024 assembles a diverse community of business leaders, offering a platform to share experiences and insights and discuss emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies. 

This gathering takes place against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a blueprint for the country’s future in which CFOs play a leading role in driving innovation. 

The summit promises over 20 expert speakers and representation from more than 130 companies – an invaluable opportunity for networking, learning, and collaboration. 

With over 6 hours of networking, CFO StraTech 2024 is an exciting event for finance leaders looking to enhance their growth strategies in a collaborative environment. 

Why attend?

The summit is designed for CFOs and financial leaders looking to:

  • Stay ahead of technological and strategic trends within the financial sector.
  • Engage in discussions about cutting-edge technologies and forward-looking solutions.
  • Share experiences and insights to collectively navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Participants will explore a variety of critical topics, including:

  • The strategic role of CFOs in sustainability and value creation.
  • Leveraging data analytics for insightful decision-making.
  • Navigating digital transformation in financial operations.
  • Scenario planning and cost optimization strategies.

Speakers and panelists

The summit boasts an impressive lineup of 20+ speakers, including, but not limited to:

  • Dirk Vanschependom: CFO at NEOM, contributing insights from one of the world’s most ambitious building projects.
  • Ahmed Dawoud: CFO at PepsiCo Middle East, bringing global perspectives from a leading food and beverage company.
  • Khalid Alswaidan: CFO at Tabadul, offering expertise from a key player in Saudi Arabia’s digital trade facilitation.
  • Tomasz S. Kostecki: Group CFO at Obeikan Investment Group, sharing strategic financial insights from a diversified conglomerate.
  • Heni A. Jallouli: Group CFO at Jahez International Company, discussing financial strategies from a leading platform in the tech and delivery sector.
  • Muhammad Anis Younus: CFO at Al Fadhili Housing Co, providing perspectives from Saudi Arabia’s real estate and housing sector.
  • Basem Waheed: CFO at Golden Chicken Farms, offering views from a leading player in the agriculture and food production industry.
  • Vishal Parekh: Head of Corporates – Asia & Emerging Markets at Thomson Reuters, sharing global financial insights from a major information services company.

Key information about CFO StraTech 2024

For detailed information, registration, and partnership opportunities, please visit the official CFO StraTech 2024 website and book your place here.

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