CDAO Financial Services 2024: explore data and analytics in financial services

February 3, 2024

CDAO Financial Services 2024, taking place in New York, brings together the foremost figures in data and analytics within the financial services industry. 

Celebrating its tenth year, this event, scheduled for the 13th and 14th of February 2024, is set to accelerate data-driven innovation and growth in financial services, an area that AI is shaping.

The event offers an exclusive platform to interact with over 40 leading industry experts and join a community of more than 200 attendees. 

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the cutting-edge of AI, digital transformation, cloud migration, security, and data governance and management.

With panel discussions and dedicated networking sessions, attendees will have ample opportunities to engage with peers and experts.

AI’s role in the finance of the future

AI’s increasing role in the financial sector represents both immense potential and challenges. 

Projections by industry giants like McKinsey and Goldman Sachs suggest that AI could contribute trillions of dollars to the global economy each year. 

Regulators are calling for increased dialogue and collaboration between the government and the financial and AI industries to channel the technology’s benefits while mitigating risks. 

Events like CDAO Financial Services 2024 are an essential component of this debate and will help form strong ties between stakeholders across the private and public sectors. 

Keynote speakers and sessions 

Among the event’s many notable speakers are JoAnn Stonier (Fellow of Data & AI, Former Chief Data Officer at Mastercard), Mark Birkhead (Chief Data Officer at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co), and Heather Tubbs (Global Head of Risk Analytics and Insights at Visa).

Key sessions from the event include:

  1. February 13: Panel on digital transformation and data developments.
  2. February 13: JoAnn Stonier, Fellow of Data & AI, Former Chief Data Officer at Mastercard, on responsible AI in organizational culture.
  3. February 13: Anju Gupta, Vice President of Data Science, AI/ML at Northwestern Mutual, discussing AI risks and safeguards.
  4. February 14: Mark Birkhead, Chief Data Officer at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., on linking data strategy with business strategy.
  5. February 14: On proactive data security and risk management, Heather Tubbs, Global Head of Risk Analytics and Insights at Visa.
  6. February 14: Jen Courant, Head of Technology, Data, and Innovation at Deutsche Bank, on data management for digital transformation.

Who should attend 

This event is ideal for CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, data scientists, data engineers, and data and analytics leaders looking to stay ahead in data management and analytics.

Key information about CDAO Financial Services 2024 

  • Dates: February 13-14, 2024
  • Location: etc.venues 360 Madison, New York, NY
  • Focus: Advancements in data and analytics in the financial services sector, including AI, digital transformation, and data governance.
  • Activities: The event will feature panel discussions, keynote speeches, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities.
  • Speakers: Notable speakers include JoAnn Stonier (Mastercard), Mark Birkhead (J.P. Morgan Chase & Co), Heather Tubbs (Visa), and more.
  • Agenda: Highlights include discussions on digital transformation, responsible AI practices, data strategy alignment, and risk management.

CDAO Financial Services 2024 is an essential event for data and analytics professionals in the financial sector. 

For registration details and ticket availability, visit the event’s official website here.

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