Samsung teams up with Google to bring Gemini to the S24 series

  • The S24 series sees Samsung collaborate with Google to harness Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano
  • Features range from generative photo editing to AI-powered intelligent image searches
  • Google Nano brings local processing to the S24 series, ideal for functions that demand security
Samsung AI

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series sees Samsung collaborate with Google to bring AI to the device in the form of Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano. 

Just days ago, we heard that Samsung’s new S24 devices will roll out new AI features. Now we’ve learned these were developed in collaboration with Google and offer several innovative features enabled by the Gemini models. 

Gemini Pro, a versatile and multimodal AI model that forms the center of the spoked wheel that is the Gemini series, enhances the functionality of several Samsung native applications, including Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard. 

The S24 series is also equipped with Imagen 2, Google’s latest text-to-image diffusion technology, accessible through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI. Imagen 2, integrated into the Galaxy S24’s Gallery app through Generative Edit, provides users with advanced photo editing tools. 

A key innovation in the S24 series is the Gemini Nano, Google’s lightweight version of Gemini, optimized for on-device AI tasks. On-device AI (the alternative being sending data to and from the cloud) ensures that operations like messaging are processed directly on the smartphone, enhancing data privacy and security.

In the Google Messages app, Gemini Nano supports new features called Magic Compose and Photomoji. SMS might’ve become a bit old hat, but this could benefit some users nonetheless. 

Another of the more striking new tools is ‘Circle to Search,’ a newly introduced feature in the Galaxy S24 series, reinventing how users interact with their smartphones.

This AI-powered tool enables users to search content on the web intelligently, essentially acting as an evolved form of Google Lens.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP of Platforms & Ecosystems at Google, highlights the collaboration, “With our latest advances in AI, we have the opportunity to enhance what billions of people already love about Android.”

The Galaxy S24 series also brings AI enhancements to Android Auto. This update includes AI-driven features, such as text summarization and smart reply suggestions, to reduce driver distraction when using phone functions on the road. 

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series, enriched with Google’s Gemini AI on Vertex AI, signals a leap forward in integrating AI into smartphones. It’s part of Samsung’s plan to overtake Apple, which recently sold more phones than Samsung for 13 years – some feat considering their slimmer product offerings. 

The burning question is, are phones chock full of AI features a step too soon? Will people really dive into what these features offer, like intelligent auto-complete or AI emojis for SMS?

The jury is out, but you can be sure that this is just the start.

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