OpenAI finally launches its GPT Store

January 11, 2024

OpenAI has launched its GPT Store where ChatGPT users can access custom GPTs that have been shared with the community.

This comes a few months after OpenAI announced that users would be able to create customized versions of its popular AI chatbot. The company says that since the functionality launched, users have created 3 million private and public GPTs.

OpenAI initially said the store would launch in November, then delayed the launch to December before finally launching it yesterday.

The GPT Store is available to ChatGPT Plus users as well as those who use the company’s Team and Enterprise offerings. The new Team package allows for the collaborative use of ChatGPT with a private store where team members can share GPTs with each other.

The store has a “Top Picks” section where a collection of GPTs curated by OpenAI is featured as well as GPTs that are trending among users. There are also GPTs that were created by OpenAI’s ChatGPT team.

The list of public GPTs is searchable and also arranged in the following categories if you just feel like browsing to see what’s available.

  • DALL-E
  • Writing
  • Productivity
  • Research & Analysis
  • Programming
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
GPT Store is live but a little glitchy. Source: ChatGPT

As with other app stores, it can be a bit hit or miss to find something really useful. There isn’t a way to review a GPT or star ratings to guide you toward more popular GPTs but maybe that will come in the future.

Creating your own GPTs is pretty simple and having them appear on the GPT Store is as easy as saving the GPT with the “Everyone” accessibility option.

OpenAI says the GPTs go through a human review process but it’s hard to imagine considering the volume of GPTs being published. The option for users to report a GPT will likely be the main way offending GPTs get flagged.

While it’s called a store you can’t actually buy any GPTs because they’re all freely available. There’s no word on whether or not this will change in the future but OpenAI says it has plans to have publishers earn revenue from their GPTs.

Starting in Q1 OpenAI says it will pay US-based GPT publishers based on the level of engagement their GPTs experience. No further details on how this would work were offered.

Since the announcement of the store opening, ChatGPT has experienced the inevitable rush on its servers, and the store and GPTs are a little glitchy. We may have to wait for the hype to die down a little before digging for GPTs that are truly useful.

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