Elvis Presley to be AI-resurrected in holographic form for immersive shows

January 4, 2024

Elvis AI

Elvis Presley is poised to rock London audiences anew, but this time through a cutting-edge holographic AI performance. 

Set to debut in November 2024, the show titled “Elvis Evolution” is a brainchild of Layered Reality, a UK company that has held immersive experiences like “Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience” and “The Gunpowder Plot.”

Layered Reality says “Elvis Evolution” promises to blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy. It will feature a life-sized digital Elvis, showcasing his iconic songs and performances. 

The event will debut at a central London location yet to be disclosed, with other events in Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo. It was developed in collaboration with Authentic Brands Group, the owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Andrew McGuinness, founder and CEO of Layered Reality, said of the project, “Elvis Evolution’ is a next-generation tribute to the musical legend that is Elvis Presley. Elvis maintains superstar status globally and people around the world no longer want to sit there and passively receive entertainment – they want to be a part of it.”

“It’ll be a memory-making experience that will be a bucket list item for Elvis fans and admirers around the world; people can step into the world of Elvis, walk in his shoes and celebrate his extraordinary musical legacy.”

Holographic music performances have revived or rejuvenated several other artists, including ABBA’s Voage concerts featuring realistic LED avatars. Tupac Shakur made a surprising holographic appearance at Coachella back in 2012. 

Beyond music, Hollywood is delving deep into ‘deep fakes’ and ‘digital twins’ technology, raising ethical and legal questions. For instance, James Dean, who died in 1955, was set to star in “Back to Eden” using a digital clone created from historical footage and photographs.

The use of AI in resurrecting celebrities for posthumous appearances, as seen with Carrie Fisher and Paul Walker, is now extending to biopics. 

In partnership with Edith Piaf’s estate, Warner Music is producing an AI-generated animated biopic of the French singer Edith Piaf featuring her famous songs.

The legal and ethical implications of using a deceased person’s likeness are complex. Rights typically pass to the next of kin or a designated party, but long-term protection is not guaranteed. 

Risks aside, AI-animated shows certainly have the potential to bring people back to life. 

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