Google integrates its Gemini models into coding and development tools

December 13, 2023

Gemini AI

Google has recently unveiled its new AI-powered coding tool, Duet AI for Developers and AI Studio, for development with Gemini APIs. 

Like Copilot, Duet AI for Developers aims to streamline and enhance the coding process. It inherited the name of Google’s old Duet messaging project. 

Duet AI for Developers was developed in collaboration with over 25 companies to ensure comprehensive coverage of modern coding and development workflows. 

Richard Seroter, Chief Evangelist for Google Cloud, emphasized this during a press briefing: “We get to see every day, there’s still plenty of toil, there’s still plenty of hard things about software. How can AI help get rid of that boilerplate, things that we don’t like to do? How do we make coding better?”

The tool isn’t just about code generation – it also aims to integrate seamlessly into Google’s services – or, as Seroter elaborated, “How do we build a sort of AI assistant that meets our developers in the tools they use, but also rub a little Google on it?” 

Duet integrates with numerous integrated development environment (IDE) plugins and the Google Cloud Console, ensuring familiarity for developers working in Google’s cloud ecosystem. 

Initially offered for free until January 2024, it will then adopt a subscription model, priced at $19 per user per month.

Google AI Studio

Parallel to Duet AI, Google also launched AI Studio, a user-friendly tool for developing apps and chatbots with its Gemini model APIs. 

Josh Woodward, Google’s VP for Google Labs, described AI Studio as “the fastest way to build with Gemini,” highlighting its design focused on enabling speedy DevOps. 

AI Studio serves as a gateway into Google’s broader AI ecosystem, including Vertex AI, their enterprise-ready generative AI developer platform.

AI Studio allows developers to quickly develop Gemini-based chatbots with an interface that provides options for adjusting model settings, such as the creative range (i.e., temperature) and ‘safety settings.’

It’s equipped with numerous SDKs (Software Development Kits), allowing users to develop and deploy applications across multiple software environments, including backend systems, mobile platforms, and web applications. 

Google’s foray into AI-assisted coding with Duet AI for Developers and the introduction of AI Studio represent their progress in meeting OpenAI in the competitive AI market. 

Woodward highlighted that Google wants AI developers to experiment with this new AI ecosystem, stating, “We really want to invite developers to come play with it. It is the first version, and we’ve got a lot of fine-tuning we’re already doing now for future updates, too.”

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