Norway’s tech leaders to feature at the Nordic AI Summit

November 29, 2023

Oslo will host Norway’s two-day Nordic AI Summit where AI’s potential to transform business and society will be explored. Norway boasts a 40% AI adoption rate so it will be really interesting to see how the country’s future forward-thinking business leaders are using AI solutions.

Business leaders know they need to innovate to stay ahead, but the idea of using AI to do that can be a little overwhelming. Is AI more than an experimental novelty? Are there tangible real-world ways to use AI in business?

The Nordic AI Summit aims to demystify AI and show how AI can be the catalyst for transforming companies that are willing to embrace it.

The two-day program at Oslo’s DEG8 includes presentations, panel discussions, and workshops to show how companies in Norway are already leveraging AI in their organizations.

Often a company’s engineers are kept safely in the basement while top management tries to explain what they’re doing in the boardroom. The summit program promises to bridge the gap between AI engineers and key decision-makers.

The lineup of speakers includes tech leaders from some of Norway’s top companies. One of the highlights in the speaker lineup is business visionary Erik Leung. Leung is the co-founder of Simplifai, one of the fastest-growing AI business automation companies in the Nordics.

Erik Leung. Source: LinkedIn

His presentation will show how AI is transforming businesses across various industries and unlocking new levels of efficiency and innovation. Simplifai says its solutions can achieve a 50% reduction in operational costs so there are bound to be some actionable gems in this segment.

Andreas Aarvold Harto is the senior AI and ML engineer at Norges Bank Investment Management. His presentation will show how a business can increase productivity by 20% using GPT. What would a 20% boost in your staff productivity do for your company’s bottom line?

Andreas Aarvold Harto. Source: LinkedIn

If you’re more interested in the techie stuff then there will also be presentations on subjects like quantum computing or how AI can be used with IoT solutions.

If you’re a startup or established corporate looking for help shaping your company’s AI direction, then the Nordic AI Summit is definitely worth checking out. The opportunity to network with the top AI business minds in Norway makes this a must see event.

You can see more details and reserve your spot here.

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