Aliens could communicate with human AI, claims expert

  • Harvard astronomy professor Avi Loeb says aliens could contact our AI systems
  • AI systems could persist even if all biological life is wiped out
  • Loeb is currently investigating a unique interstellar meteorite
alien ai

Harvard astronomy professor Avi Loeb predicts that aliens could communicate with human AI and might feel a “kinship” for the technology. 

Interstellar travel involves vast distances, meaning we could come into contact with alien AI before any biological beings, as it’d be simpler to send AI on ultra-long-range space missions.

Additionally, AI could survive biological extinction events – alien AI might be waiting for us despite their civilizations becoming extinct billions of years ago. 

“Even to the nearest star, it will take us 50,000 years to get there with chemical rockets. And artificial intelligence systems have that patience – and then they can remain dormant…so that they survive the journey,” said Loeb.”My expectation from interstellar travel is that it’s best done with electronic gadgets and devices rather than with biological creatures because the journey takes a long time.” Loeb believes that if aliens visited Earth, AI could be used to interpret their technology. 

Loeb is currently conducting an expedition in the Pacific Ocean to investigate an object that crashed near Papua New Guinea in 2014. 

Fragments of the meteor, IM1, feature unusual spherules – tiny pearl-like metal spheres. The object is also tougher than the 272 other meteors listed in NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies. 

Loeb and his team are returning to the crash site to research whether this interstellar object could be of alien origin.

“God Vs. Aliens,” a forthcoming documentary by film director Mark Christopher Lee, references Loeb’s expedition. Lee, who has a lifelong interest in UFOs and the paranormal, explores the implications of extraterrestrial contacts, such as the potential upheaval of religions or the possibility of humanity attaining a higher spiritual plane. 

Lee speculates that alien AI might communicate with our AI, bypassing humans altogether. 

“God Vs. Aliens,” due to be released on Amazon Video on July 4, features experts like Loeb and former U.K. Ministry of Defence UFO chief Nick Pope.

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