AI-powered Microsoft Designer now available on Teams

June 7, 2023
AI-powered Microsoft Designer
AI-powered Microsoft Designer will be available on free version of Teams on Windows 11

The AI-powered Microsoft Designer tool is coming to the free version of Teams on Windows 11, the company announced in a blog post, on June 1. 

Microsoft Designer is a similar app to Canva, that allows users to design intricate banners, covers, presentations, posters, and other graphics. However, Canva is not entirely based on AI technology. AI-powered Microsoft Designer uses the DALL-E 2 AI tool that transforms textual prompts into detailed AI-generated images.

AI-powered Microsoft Designer Means More Customization

The new Teams update with Microsoft Designer is packed with dropdown menus and additional text boxes that will allow you to customize the designs the Designer generates. The new integration will allow users to quickly create banners, invitations, cards, and other innovative designs without spending too much time on design. Users will also be able to share the designs with other members of the Teams.

Besides the option to describe the design you want Microsoft Designer to generate, you can also create prompts by uploading already-existing images you want to be altered or transformed. That way, people who are not good at writing prompts can give a more accurate description of what they need to be generated for better results.

Microsoft continues its efforts to integrate AI into more of its tools. The AI-powered Designer is also available on Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 systems. Microsoft Designer with AI-powered features was released earlier this year when the company announced you can now generate captions and animate visuals with the app.

According to a report in TechCrunch, Microsoft plans to offer Designer through Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions. But, the details regarding the pricing plans are not yet available. Don’t worry as some of the core features will remain free, the company told TechCrunch.

 Microsoft Designer is just one of many AI integrations Microsoft plans to add to its software. As GPT-4 continues powering Bing AI, the company is transforming its software to be more AI-driven.

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