AI jobs at top firms are attracting massive salaries

June 18, 2023
AI jobs

Software development and programming skills have been in high demand for decades, but the AI boom is taking wages to the next level. 

Virtually all the big tech AI industry players are searching for AI specialists with proven experience, and even smaller-scale companies are putting up massive salaries to attract top talent. 

Here’s a selection of AI-related roles companies are hiring for right now. 

OpenAI – Machine Learning Research Scientist: Up to $370,000

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is actively recruiting top-flight engineers, scientists, and researchers. They’re currently seeking an experienced machine learning researcher to join their policy research team. 

The salary ranges from $200,000 to $370,000, including attractive equity and benefits like 29 weeks of paid parental leave, full family insurance, and unlimited vacation.

This role involves testing and improving AI systems and devising solutions for issues related to “dangerous model capabilities and existential risks, fairness and representation, as well as untruthful, hallucinatory, or otherwise undesired model behavior.”

OpenAI – Head of Procurement: Up to $285,000

The AI industry’s big salaries aren’t exclusively for engineers and scientists. This Head of Procurement role requires a “Bachelor’s degree with 15+ years of progressive experience in senior procurement leadership roles with a proven ability to scale supply chain operations in high-growth, innovative, and complex organizations.”

Adobe – Senior Creative Evangelist: Up to $200,200

Adobe is seeking a Senior Creative Evangelist specializing in AI. This role promotes AI use understanding – hence the ‘evangelist.’

The job requires someone to spearhead demos, conduct community engagement projects, and host events. Required qualifications include a bachelor’s degree and over 7 years of experience in community relations. 

GEICO – Natural Language Processing Data Scientist: Up to $190,000

Insurance giant GEICO is recruiting a remote data scientist specializing in natural language processing (NLP) with “a strong interest and experience in innovative data experimentation and marketing.”

The desired qualifications include over 3 years of data science experience, a firm understanding of statistics, and expertise in various machine learning applications. 

Anthropic – Prompt Engineer & Librarian: Up to $375,000

Anthropic is searching for the right individual to “uncover, assess and document optimal practices.” 

This job is suited to anyone who’s “a resourceful hacker mindset and enjoys puzzle-solving” and has “a drive for rendering potent technology safe and beneficial for society.”

In addition to a large salary, Anthropic offers equity, insurance coverage for the employee and their family, unlimited paid vacation, and relocation assistance to the Bay Area.

Meta – Software Engineer, Generative AI: Up to $281,000

Meta is seeking an AI software engineer with 12+ years of programming experience, machine learning knowledge, and a proven track record in managing enterprise-level projects. 

Though Meta is somewhat of a generative AI outsider compared to Google and OpenAI, they developed LLaMa, a large language model (LLM) leaked to the public. They recently built a cutting-edge text-to-speech model called Voicebox.

AI skills are in high demand as companies rush to build new models to accelerate their market positions. If you’re a software engineer, data scientist or other developer or researcher, AI could be the right niche to pursue.

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