The virtual AI for Customer Success Summit 2024 kicks off

April 11, 2024

  • The AI for Customer Success Summit 2024 opens its doors on 11/04
  • This all-virtual summit explores AI's role in acquiring and understanding customers
  • 12+ speakers represent influential companies like HubSpot and OpenAI

On April 11, 2024, the virtual doors will open for the AI for Customer Success Summit, a day dedicated to advancing customer success through AI and automation. 

This online summit is an essential gathering for customer success professionals worldwide. It aims to share groundbreaking insights into adopting AI and automation to boost customer success strategies.

With over 1000 registrants and 12 speakers from prestigious companies like OpenAI and HubSpot, the summit offers a superb networking and knowledge exchange opportunity. 

This event is ideal for customer success managers, directors, VPs, and anyone leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and outcomes.

The theme for this year is “Elevating Customer Success with AI and Automation,” focusing on leveraging AI to automate processes and provide personalized customer interactions, predictive insights, and enhanced decision-making capabilities in customer success roles.

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Key topics of discussion

The summit will delve into several key areas where AI and customer success intersect, including:

  • AI-driven personalization and automation: How AI can be utilized to scale personalization and automate routine tasks in customer success.
  • Predictive analytics and customer insights: Leveraging AI to predict customer needs and behaviors, enhancing proactive support.
  • Strategic AI implementation: Best practices for effectively integrating AI technologies into customer success strategies.
  • Human-centric AI approaches: Balancing automation with human touch to ensure authentic customer relationships.

Confirmed speakers for the AI for Customer Success Summit 2024

Featuring over 12 speakers from various sectors, the summit promises a rich exchange of ideas and experiences. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Joel Flagg, Regional VP of Strategic Customer Success, sharing insights on strategic AI implementation.
  • Victoria Van Antwerpen-Spencer, Senior Director of Digital Customer Experience, discusses the evolution of customer experiences through AI.
  • Somnath Roy, Director of Customer Success, offering perspectives on predictive analytics in customer support.
  • … and many more leaders from companies like Google, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, LinkedIn, OpenAI, HubSpot, and AWS.

Selected sessions from the AI for Customer Success Summit 2024

A sneak peek into the agenda reveals engaging sessions such as:

  • Fireside Chat on AI for customer feedback and sentiment analysis: David Karp (DISQO) and Dina Hassan (LinkedIn) discuss innovative AI applications in understanding customer feedback and analyzing sentiment in real time.
  • AI-powered customer engagement: Vanessa Gatihi (OpenAI) explores cutting-edge AI technologies for enhancing customer engagement and personalizing experiences at scale.
  • Fireside chat on experimenting with AI to drive customer retention at HubSpot: Chris Baribeau and Stephen O’Keefe (HubSpot) share insights into how AI is being used to innovate customer retention strategies and personalize customer journeys.
  • Interactive virtual roundtable on gen AI in customer success: Nick Thomas (AWS) leads a dynamic discussion on the role of generative AI in transforming customer success operations and strategies.

Key info about the AI for Customer Success Summit 2024

Here’s what you need to know about the virtual AI for Customer Success Summit 2024.

  • Date: April 11, 2024
  • Venue: Virtual, accessible from anywhere.
  • Time: Starting at 9 AM ET, concluding with networking opportunities.
  • Registration: Free for all attendees who sign up, offering an accessible learning and networking platform for professionals globally. Register here.

Please visit the summit’s official site and join for free. 

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